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About MIXT Cafe Catering

Catering is the perfect solution for feeding large groups of people. You get to enjoy the end result, without any of the work involved! The catering customer is a pharmaceutical or sales representative, an administrative assistant in a corporate organization, a real estate agent, a teacher from the local school system, a church group leader, a party event planner, etc, that desires a delicious, easy solution to your event needs. Your catered order is prepared specifically for your group/organization and neatly packaged for your catered experience.

What Types of Catering does MIXT offer?

We offer a range of catering packages: full box lunches (sandwich, wrap, salad, side, soup options), smoothies, frozen desserts, or any combination of these options. You can choose from our regular menu or we can build a custom menu for your event.

Do you Deliver?

Yes, we deliver! Your location determines the delivery charge, which will be confirmed upon booking your catered order.

How far in Advance do I need to Order?

If you are ordering for 15 or more from our regular menu, we ask for 24 hours advance notice. For 15 or less, we will do our best to accommodate you with a same day order. If you would like a custom menu, please give us 4 days notice to put together the perfect menu for you and order in any menu items that are not offered on our regular menu.

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